Over Carla Cremers


Born: 1949 Mill and St. Hubert. I started made graphical works using aquarelle techniques. I graduated in 1983 as a qualified teacher and lectured until 1994. In 1994 I joined the Tilburg Academy of Art and from there continued to work at the ‘Accademia delle Belle Arti’ in Turin, Italy and graduated and received a diploma in 2001 (sedia scultura Riccardo Cordero).

I have participated at these international exhibitions:
Simulatione 2000, Utopien 2002, Imperia Brescia/I, Frankfurt – Berlijn – Potsdam/D, Antibes/F, Kunstroute Maastricht 2004 en symposium in Heerlen, Kunstroute Vaals 2004, Internationaal Landartproject Drielandenpunt Vaals 2004, Arte e Vita 2004/5, EbenEmael Belgium 2006 to 2014, Land-Art Diessen to 2014, Torino I to 2014, Vallebona I 2014.
Member of: Associazione Piemontese Arte, Constellarti Maastricht, Arte e Vita Potsdam Imperia.
Initiatief: International Land-Art Maastricht 2013 and 2014

About myself:
Through expressing myself artistically I become conscious of my own creative abilities. Nature is the source that gives me energy and inspiration. I strive to utilize this universal energy to give life to my works. Wind, water, light, space and time play a crucial role hereby. I weave my existence in time and culture.

Dorpsstraat 84
6251 ND Eckelrade

Tel: +31 (0)434085163
Mobile: +31 (0)650630926

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  1. International land-art San Giacomo ,Entracque

    The event will be organized around the camping place “Sotto il fagio” at San Giacomo the end of June beginning of July 2017.
    A selection of artists from Italy and Europe will participate.
    There will be a symposium during witch the artists will meet, exchange and discuss there ideas and build the land-art objects in a week time.
    The opening of the exhibition will be in the first weekend of July. During the summer the art works will stay exhibited.

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  2. September 2017 Fine Art Fair Eckelrade,
    installatie lounce chairs.

    Maart 2018 Torre Pellice Italy
    Mostra dei Donne
    Landscape drawing , surroundings Alba ( It.) 1,40x 40cm

    Mei 2018
    LAD Kostanavica na Krki, Slovenie
    Conference and Land-Art Bio baced produced

    Mei 2018
    Vuurol, Lage Vuursche


  3. Carla Cremers

    2018 Zomer


    Sulle tracce del Reali, Bordighera, Ligurie (It)

    5 Grande Foglie, nel Parco di Monet,



    Symposium 3 tm 6 augustus

    San Damiano Macra, Pensieri di Pietra

    Installatie van zeven middelgrote stenen verbonden met zes verschillende gekleurde touwen aan een hoog gelegen punt.


    DijkArt Maastricht, weekend 1,2 september

    Krijgers van Biobased materiaal (Paprikastengel emulsie verhard met melkzuur)

    September 1tm5

    Impronte dI Artiste Gallerie Kommunale nabij Frankfurt


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